The Game show Deal or No Deal has been on the air for a while now but what we didn’t know is that one of its stars, Meghan Markle, had such a negative experience with it. That’s right, Markle was featured on an episode of the show as one of the “beauties” in 2007. And if you’re wondering why she only remembers it as one of the more painful experiences, it’s because she was too pretty and all the men who were auditioning would just be giggling and not taking her seriously.

Meghan Markle Recalls Deal or No Deal Set Experience

Meghan Markle spent four years working on the set of Deal or No Deal, and she has some pretty strong memories of her time there. In a recent interview, she recalled the show as being “one of the most painful experiences” of her life.

Markle explained that the long hours and intense competition took a toll on her mental health. She would often find herself in tears during filming breaks, and she even considered quitting the show at one point.

Despite the challenges, Markle said that she’s grateful for the experience overall. It taught her a lot about herself and helped her develop a thicker skin. Plus, it’s given her some great stories to tell!

Why the Deal or No Deal set was Painful for Markle

The Deal or No Deal set was a difficult environment for Markle. The show was filmed in front of a live audience, which put a lot of pressure on the contestants. In addition, the set was very loud and chaotic, with people constantly moving around and talking. This made it hard for Markle to focus on the game and she often felt overwhelmed.

What Happened on the Set of ‘Deal or No Deal’?

In 2005, Meghan Markle landed her first major acting role on the hit game show “Deal or No Deal.” The show, which was hosted by Howie Mandel, required Markle to stand in a box and reveal the contents of various envelopes containing cash prizes.

Although the job sounds simple enough, Markle has said that it was one of the most painful experiences of her career. In an interview with Marie Claire, she recalled being required to wear heels for hours at a time and being given very little breaks. She also said that the set was extremely hot and that she would often get lightheaded and dizzy.

Despite the challenges, Markle said that she loved working on the show and found the experience to be “incredibly fun.” She also praised Mandel for being a great host and making everyone feel comfortable on set.

The Aftermath of Being Pretty on TV

The aftermath of being pretty on TV can be pretty harsh. Meghan Markle recalls her time on Deal or No Deal as one of the most painful experiences of her life. The pressure to be perfect and the constant scrutiny from the public was just too much for her to handle. She eventually had to leave the show and take a break from the spotlight.


Meghan Markle’s experience with the game show “Deal or No Deal” was one of the most painful experiences of her life. The making of the show was filled with drama and Meghan felt like she was being taken advantage of. Despite all of the negativity, Meghan still managed to walk away from the experience with a positive attitude and a renewed sense of self-worth.

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